Český Krumlov - sightseeing cruise on historical wooden raft
Český Krumlov town center Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations in Český Krumlov (19.06.2009 - 21.06.2009) Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations in Český Krumlov (19.06.2009 - 21.06.2009)
Karlštejn Konopiště Karlovy Vary Mariánské Lázně Kutná hora Terezín

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Český Krumlov

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Český Krumlov Tourist Service

UNESCO-listed site
Distance: 168 km from Prague, Duration: full-day trip

Indulge yourself in a few romantic moments in the fairy Town of Český Krumlov. Our limousine will take you there, to the little pictoresque town, that is dominated by the grandiose Renaissance castle and the oldest baroque theatre in the world. In the warm summer evenings, you will be captivated by a cruise on a wooden-raft along the Vltava’s meander or a play in the Revolving Auditorium – the world uniqueness. In summer, the whole town revives during medieval Five-Petalled Rose Celebrations. Either warm or chilly, mead will always make you melt in any of many medieval taverns. In the Krumlov’s heart, present-day life and history beat at once and looks forward to your visit. The town of South Bohemia that still keeps its unrepeatable charm.

Karlštejn Castle

Karlštejn Castle - official website

Distance: 40 km from Prague, Duration: half-day trip
The most outstanding medieval castle founded by Bohemian King and Roman Emperor Charles IV. 650 years ago (between 1348–1355). This gothic castle, which was built as a depository for safekeeping the Empire’s coronation jewels and relics of saints is situated southwest of Prague.

Konopiště Castle

Konopiště Castle - official website

Distance: 37 km from Prague, Duration: half-day trip
This lovely hunting castle is famous for its fascinating collection of historical weapons, furniture, tapestry and paintings. It was founded in the 14th century and rebuilt in 1887.

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary - official website

Distance: 140 km from Prague, Duration: full-day trip
This world-famous spa is known for its 12 medicinal mineral springs. During the trip, you will get a chance to taste the water of these springs. The place is also known for its beautiful colonnades and the historical town centre. You can taste delicious local wafers and the traditional Becher herb liquor or buy locally manufactured glass and porcelain.

Mariánské Lázně

Mariánské Lázně - official website

Distance: 170 km from Prague, Duration: full-day trip
Another famous Bohemian spa resort. In the past, J. W. Goethe, Mark Twain, F. Chopin, R. Wagner and dozens of other celebrities used to come to seek for cure of various ills in the local spa. Magnifi cent buildings are scattered over the town’s numerous parks. The most famous of these parks is dominated by the great spa colonnade with its singing fountain.

Kutná Hora

UNESCO-listed site
Distance: 68 km from Prague, Duration: full-day trip

This town was famous due to its prosperous silver mines. After Prague, this place became the second most important town of the Bohemian kingdom in the Middle Ages. The architectural boom left many beautiful buildings and places such as St.-Barbara-Cathedral, the Italian Court with the Royal Mint, the Stone House and many other Gothic and Renaissance landmarks. This place is protected as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Terezín Memorial

Distance: 65 km from Prague, Duration: half-day trip
The town of Terezín was founded at the end of the 18th century by Emperor Joseph II., originally as an ingenious system of military fortresses designed to protect the kingdom. During World War II. It was completely rebuilt and converted into a Jewish ghetto and a concentration camp.

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